Towel Containers

Towel Containers

(Wet Wipe Containers)

Injection molded Plastic Towel Containers (Wet Wipe Containers) provide structural integrity and chemical resistance. Plastic Towel Containers are warehoused in white, furthermore, Custom colors is available upon request.

Wall Mounting Bracket is available for the 6 7/8 Flat Bottom Towel Containers (Wet Wipe Container)

Plastic Towel Containers

Custom colors available

Sizes available from 3 lb to 10 lb Containers offer a wide variety of towel sizes and counts.

  • 3 lb-4.5 lb Towel Containers has a tight fitting living hinge lid. (With or Without handles)
  • 6 7/8 Towel Containers (Wet Wipe Container) has a stylish oval design towel lid and 2 different center wells for the threaded lid
  • 10 lb Towel Containers (Wet Wipe Container) has a hinged towel lid with easy carry molded in bail

Easy Carry Handle is available on 12-4010H Lid

12-4005 4.5 lb long tail lid and 12-4006 4.5 living hing lid

All 3 lids Fits Both 3 lb plastic towel canisters and our many different 4.5 lb plastic containers.

10 lb Plastic Towel Containers (Wet Wipe Container) with Easy Carry Molded in Bail.

  • No assembly required
  • Always in the right position
  • Does not interfere with boxing
  • Easy to stack
  • Never comes off
  • Easy to carry

Plastic Towel Lids

Towel Wipe Dispensing Plastic Lids snap on tight and resist coming off when towel dispenses and tear strip in well can be changed to accommodate various towel sizes and texture.

Wall Mounting Bracket (stock number 1-08008) for use with the 6 7/8 Flat Bottom Container (stock number 11-40642) can be mounted on wall, cross members, or vertical pipe. Locking Keys hold container securely in place.

  • Mounting on Wall, Cross Members, or Vertical Pipe
  • Industrial Sturdy
  • Custom Colors available with Quantity
  • Locking Keys Hold Container firmly in place while dispensing towels
  • Wall mount instructions: Bracket Directions PACKING LIST