Specialty Container Inc.

Plastic Containers

We are a full-service specialty plastic containers supplier.

As a full-service plastic container manufacturer we provide our customers with quality injection molded plastic containers and closures for a variety of applications that include:

  • Pre-Moistened Wipes Towel Plastic Containers Some of our towel containers available for sale
  • Paste Hand Cleaner Plastic Containers
  • Commercial/Industrial Ink Plastic Containers
  • Paste Wax Plastic Containers for Automotive, Marine and Aircraft
  • Grease Plastic Containers
  • Development of innovative injection molded parts and mold designs
  • The development and production of 3D printed parts

We offer many different plastic container stock items including wide-mouth plastic containers, plastic lids, towel dispensing wipe lids, wall mounted container holders, and paste soap dispensers. We can also provide a custom plastic container for our customer needs from design through mold development, prototyping, and production.  Our rigid quality control standards and short lead times mean that orders will arrive on time and meet our customer’s expectations.

Our Plastic Containers are Designed to Specifically Meet the Needs of Our Customers.

Low cost, high quality, short lead times and full vertical integration.

Let Specialty Container work for you.

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Product Line

Specialty Container manufactures a large variety of wide mouth injection molded plastic containers, plastic lids, and towel dispensing lids

Specialty Molds 

Our team of tool and die makers, injection molders, and technical designers can help make your idea a reality.

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