Plastic Hand Cleaner Containers

Plastic Hand Cleaner Containers

Heavy duty HDPE injection molded plastic hand cleaner containers and injection molded Hand cleaner tight fitting lids provide maximum chemical, impact, and drop resistance. Custom colors available! Hand cleaner containers are available from 4 oz to 5 lb.

  • 10, 14, 16, 21, and 32 oz hand cleaner containers use a standard universal lid
  • 3 lb-5 lb cans have 2 options for closures: ribbed lids and dispensing lids

4.5 lb Dispenser Bottom hand cleaner containers offer two different sizes of plugs (2.75 in & 3.00 in) that fit most dispensers on the market.

Dispensing hand cleaner plastic lid is compatible with product codes:Hand Cleaner Dispensing Lid

  • 11-03000
  • 11-40041
  • 11-40240
  • 11-2750
  • 11-4-TAP

Lid instructions

  • Remove center from the hand cleaner lid
  • Cut along upper groove
  • Press down as a hand cleaner dispensing disk
  • Cleaner will dispense through top of lid.

Hand Cleaner Dispenser:

  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Lexan construction with a unique follower weight design
  • Follower weight keeps continually primed for next use
  • Delivers the right amount of cleaner with each push
  • Can be used with Pumice hand cleaner or non-Pumice hand cleaner.

There are 2 options for loading hand cleaner containers onto dispenser: