Plastic Container Supplier

Our Approach as a plastic container supplier

As a plastic container supplier we value our customers and want them to return.  This is how we have been successful as a plastic container supplier.  Our customers know us and like us.  They have supported us over many years.

The success of any company is based on an attitude of total teamwork by the entire staff.
We take the best possible care of our customers.
Together we will grow and succeed together.

Company Values:

The Golden Rule:  We feel everyone has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.  We all have a responsibility to treat others the same way.

The Decision Test:  Every decision we make will be Legal, Ethical, and Credible.

The Six C’s:  Every day we are Careful, Creative, Caring, Committed, Courageous, and Customer-Focused.


Specialty Container Inc, a plastic container supplier, has been in business since 1980, and is dedicated to the following philosophy:

  1. To work with our customers to develop and manufacture quality plastic containers and plastic lids as well as a variety of innovative ideas in other fields, that fill the ever changing needs of their market.
  2. From concept, prototype, and manufacturing, continually working to develop interesting new innovative ideas and designs for improving plastic containers and lids that give our customers an edge in the market and keep them ahead of the pack.
  3. Work with our customers in filling specific needs of their market, sometimes sharing in the cost of development and prototypes for test markets.
  4. Manufacture plastic containers and plastic lids of the highest quality possible.
  5. Provide predictable on schedule rapid response from order to shipment.
  6. To be the first and the best at competitive costs.
As a plastic container supplier, Specialty Container manufactures and maintains in stock a variety of wide mouth plastic containers, plastic lids, for a wide variety of Plastic Container Suppliermarkets including:
  1. Towel wipes
  2. Automotive
  3. Paste Hand Cleaner
  4. Paste wax Automotive/Marine/Aircraft
  5. Industrial/Commercial ink
  6. Personal care
  7. Sanitation
  8. Janitorial
  9. Automotive/Industrial grease
  10. Design, develop, prototype, to production of custom parts and molds for a wide variety of innovative products


1940’s the paste type hand cleaner industry was using metal lithographed cans and lids for their 4 ½ lb and 1 pound can sizes. Metal cans were plagued by rust problems in the seams and lid fit.

The start of Specialty Container Inc. plastic container supplier

1980 Specialty Container was formed as a plastic container supplier to produce plastic cans and plastic lids as a solution to the rust problems.
1986 developed quart and gallon plastic containers for the national mastic floor tile industry.
1987 designed and developed a dispenser for paste type hand cleaners and added numerous other plastic can sizes.
1989 branched into other markets in a major diversification of products including grease, cosmetic, janitorial, powdered cleaners, and additional paste soap plastic containers.

Entering the ink market

1990 entered the commercial ink plastic container market with the addition of 1 lb and 5 lb plastic ink cans.
1993 additional ink cans were developed with the addition of “impact resistant cans”. Plastic ink cans that can be dropped or handled more roughly without rupturing.

The start of the towel market

1990’s entered the “wipe” towel dispensing market with the introduction of various pre-moistened towel plastic dispensing lids for plastic containers.
2000 started purchasing plastic feed stock in rail cars to lower cost.
2005 moved into the automotive / marine / aircraft /paste wax markets with improved closure designs and customized containers.

2009 developed commercial ink containers to meet the requirements for both “standard” and “UV” ink formulas.

2010 first use of 3D Printing in part and mold design

2012 developed dispensing closures with handles to further expand our towel container line.

Working with specialty molds


  1.  developed the part(s) design and tooling for Hollison Housing and chamber (A major advancement in the food safety industry by continuously testing for e-coli, salmonella, and other micro organisms in food processing)
  2. First use of 3D Printing for limited production parts


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