Sample Print Labels

Sample Labels

Before a production run is started:

  • Inks are blended
  • Blankets and plates are affixed to the plate cylinder
  • Inks are loaded into ink trays
  • Initial start up procedures are initiated
  • Each print plate must be in registration with the other plates
    • (usually one plate per color)
    • this can only be achieved by printing continuously while making numerous adjustment on each plate cylinder

All parts are 100% scrap during this start up process to achieve registration, color intensity and lay-down.

The initial set up, start up, and scrap are part of the overall cost of the total production run.

Complex Label
Each additional color, screen, and area of close registration

  • require longer set up time and additional scrap
  • usually require longer production runs to be cost effective

Simple label
Simple labels with one or two colors, no screen, or close registration

  • require less set up time and less scrap
  • usually more cost effective with short production runs

Sample of Complex Label – Standard Plates (Click image to enlarge)

Sample of Simple Label – Standard Plates (Click image to enlarge)

Sample of Complex Label – Stealth Screening Plates

Sample of Simple Label – Stealth Screening Plates (Click image to enlarge)

Print Disclaimer: As an accommodation, and without a charge to Customer, Specialty Container, Inc. may assist Customer in the design of container labels. Specialty Container, Inc.’s assistance in label design does not create an express or implied representation or warranty to the customer. That customer has a right to use such label design and Specialty Container, Inc. is not advising that customer may use the label design without infringing upon a competitor’s trademark, trade dress and/or copyright. Customer should independently verify the availability and right to use any label design that Customer ultimately selects. All decisions as to marketing and label design are the sole responsibility of customer.